Thursday, 29 November 2012

Very sad to hear of the tragic death of 16 year old Dave Moss on one of my local fisheries Moreton, my thoughts are with the family at the moment,fished there not  long ago and it rained the whole session,remember  my first fishing match at 16 on the river Severn on a truly frightening slippy steep peg and flooded river that was some 36 years ago,this follows a similar tragic drowning at Goldendale pool of 18 year old Damien Brian in 2009,nothing I know can bring them back but it brings home the dangers we all need to be aware of in our chosen sport.

If you do fall in don't feel for the bottom with your feet steer towards a clear bank with your hands as you're less likely to snag yourself in weed or debris,wear non slip shoes,wear lightweight garments in layers,easy to remove, woollen jumpers become heavy and difficult to remove if you fall in water,go fishing with someone else ideally 2 others and carry a charged mobile,invest in a lightweight gas life jacket or vest, unobtrusive and essential on boats or if you can't swim.If you fall in without a flotation device remove any restrictive clothing and it is possible to use your trousers as a flotation device by tying the legs and plunging them into the water trapping air.

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